My name is Michael K. Laweh, I am the go-to guy wherever I am when it comes to problems associated with computers, mobile phones, electronics almost anything computer-related. People just call me to solve their computer-related problems and they do that saying we know you will get it solved.

I fell in love with computers and electronics at a very young age, and wanted to create new inventions I started learning reading, and learning how things work was fascinated by what I found every time and wanted to create something new. I could sit behind my computer the whole and even sleep, wake up seated by it and the cycle continues.

I am a self-taught programmer and love to help people with their computer-related problems which also helps me learn more.

I started learning how to develop websites by learning from W3Schools Online Web Tutorials . My favorite was PHP, and then I started learning all the rest such as CSS, javascript, python, jQuery, and more.

Over the years I have learned and added more programming languages to my skill set. Trying my hands on new technologies and building new things.

I aim to be one of the best Software Engineers, providing solutions to individuals and businesses with their day to day activities and problems associated with our new age of technology and the internet.